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Features for Pharmacy Dispensary

In most pharmacies 60% – 80% of sales comes from dispensing, and where it is a lower percentage it is still a big profit driver. That’s why it’s so essential to manage stock, loans, owings and front of shop sales without compromising customer service.  Dispensing the right generic makes a dramatic impact on your bottom line but it is difficult to manage when there is more than one person doing the dispensing.  Money drains out of your business from loans, incomplete HSE claims and a number of other places.

Patients are the lifeblood of your business, do you understand where your business is coming from?  Do you know who is leaving you and why?  Real World Retail (rwr) puts the information at your fingertips so you can make sensible investment decisions to increase the number of new patients.

Real World Retail (rwr) keeps an eye on every aspect of your trading, in a format that’s easy to digest, and is actionable to ensure the profit drops to your bottom line. The same applies to Front of Counter (FOC).

Some examples of the dashboards and high level reports you get are shown below.  You can have these customised for your unique requirements and with a click of your mouse (or finger on your tablet or smartphone) you can get a drill down into many of these.  Now you can recognise problems and opportunities sooner and fix them right away.


1. See the Whole Picture


  • See dispensary and front of shop in one view for all aspects


  • Dispensary is the most important but the full view puts you in control of your business



2. Financials and KPIs per Week and Month


  • See last week and year to date drillable dashboard versus budget & last year


  • Take action on variances earlier to maximise opportunities, minimise shortfalls



3. Stockholding by Product and by Store


  • See where there are overstocks and understocks


  • Do transfers to reduce your monthly order size which puts cash in your bank




4.  Replenishment for Bulk Ordering    


  • See report of your recommended replenishment order and consider the availability based on ownings and items dispensed last month and not in stock now.


  • Take charge of your ordering so that you are improve availability whilst reducing stock levels, growing sales, margins and freeing up cash.


5. Patient Profile Profitability by Scheme and Age  


  • Track your customer profile sales and profitability


  • Improve your sales and get into control for the long term future of your business.


6. Patient Churn, Overdue Patients, and New Patients


  • Quickly identify patients who leave your pharmacy and new patients


  • React quickly to bring back profitable patients and respond to the needs of new ones to improve sales


7. Prescribing Doctor Analysis

  • Analyse the doctors whose patients come to you


  • Target doctors to build relationships and value add and watch your sales grow.


8. Generic and PI Tracking at Drug Level

  • Compare generic and PI sales to branded sales.  Control Reference Pricing.


  • Increase profitability by switching patients to PI and generics.



9. Loans and Owings Tracking 

  • Graphical report which identifies owings which distinguishes the real picture


  • Improve customer service whilst minimising stock holding to improve sales and cash in bank.


10. Analysis of HSE Pharmacy & Doctor Published Data


  • See how your pharmacy is doing for GMS patients compared to your competitors


  • Identify doctors to build on existing business and target those to increase business.


11. List of Patients for MED 1 Forms


  • Generate list of patients with MED 1 forms


  • Easy option to print the forms to improve customer service which retains customers.