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How does it work?

The situation

You are awash in data but starved for information

  • You have too much data and not enough information to make timely business decisions
  • Your systems don’t talk to each other and you can’t get the information out when you need it in a way that is intelligible
  • You have an Electronic Point of Sales System (EPoS), a stock control system, an order processing system, a HR system and perhaps some specialist systems such as a dispensing system in a pharmacy.
  • You need enough inventory to avoid stock outs, but at the same time you cannot tie up valuable working capital in inventory which moves too slowly.  When you think that stock is not going to move quickly enough you mark it down, but this kills your overall margins and profitability.
  • Which products are contributing the most to the bottom line and how do you decide which deserves more shelf space?  How can you spot new products that are trending well when the volumes are still small or they are only in a few stores?

You have all the data there; you just can’t get it in a way that makes sense.

That is until now.

Real World Retail’s consultant or partner comes in and puts in a connector for each of your data sources, such as your EPOS system, your accounting system, your stock control system, your time and attendance system and so on.  Once it is done, it doesn’t need to be done again.  Your data is remodelled on our platform and presented back to you in easy to use dashboards and reports, many of which you can drill down into to identify the problem or opportunity.

Within a week of installation you will have valuable dashboards reports which lead to better and more timely decision that have an immediate impact on your bottom line.  You might decide to take another couple of days or so to customise the reports and get your managers trained.

Then you are in total control.


What is under the hood?

rwr bring together a best of breed solution

  • The data visualisation is carried out by Tableau Software, we could have developed our own data analytics software but this would have curtailed the value of our solution and slowed the growth in functionality so we chose Tableau. Read our Tableau Customer Story here
  • Data is presented to us is in many different formats and we need to quickly and cost effectively reformat it to deliver excellent solutions to our customers so we chose CloverETL. Read our CloverETL Story here
  • Hosting is provided by the international leader SunGardAS who also provide the security infrastructure
  • There are a number of other technology parts that make up our solution